Here's what a people with whom I work have to say.


"Rich really knows his stuff -- you can tell by the way he can make complex issues easy to understand. But that's really only the first reason to choose him as your financial professional. The fact that he is so responsive, returns my calls and asks the right questions shows me he really cares about my family's financial big picture. Put your financial strategy in Rich's hands and you won't regret it."

Beth Escott Newcomer
Escott Associates
Fallbrook, CA


"I wanted to put my financial house in order by reviewing my investments, insurance policies, bank accounts, etc., but I never seemed to get around to it. Then I met Rich Slavin. He is a personal financial specialist and I immediately put him to work analyzing my family's finances. His analysis provided great insight for me and caused me to view my personal financial life from a different perspective. I found Rich to be very talented and extremely personable. His low-key approach completely eliminated the apprehension and distaste that I have for most of the salesman types.

Do yourself a big favor and let Rich into your financial life for a while. I can recommend him very highly. "

Larry Langer
Langer Equestrian Group, Inc.
Burbank, CA

These are the personal views of a select group of Rich Slavin's clients and may not represent the experience of other clients. These opinions are not indicative of future performance or results.