Our Philosophy

Many don’t have a clear path or plan for their future, and others who have an idea of what their “ideal financial plan” might be may never fully achieve it. I believe in these four principles:

1. Building maximum wealth potential not based on risk. 

2. The right to spend/enjoy our wealth without the fear of it running out. 

3. Leaving money after we enjoy, use or spend it to people and things we care about, rather than financial institutions and the government.

4. A plan must be designed to work under the most circumstances- inflation or deflation, higher taxes, a disability, death or long term care event, failing returns, loss of a job, a downturn in business, etc.

It is precisely this last point where most plans fail. No one gets through life without setbacks or "bumps in the road." This is the reason why we focus on protection first, to help ensure clients realize their hopes and dreams. My aging parents needed care for several years, which took a toll on our family. I am determined to help minimize the impact of such issues on others while helping them get what they want. 

There's also an important element of leadership here. If the trainer at the gym says, "the weights are over there and I'll see you in 45 minutes," you'll likely not have the best workout and may ever strain yourself. We'll be by your side to aide in the implementation of your plan.