The Financial Education Partnership

The Financial Education Partnership (FEP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free educational resources to the public. Founded due to an urgent societal need for financial literacy, FEP has helped thousands of individuals become more fiscally fit by conducting free webinars, workshops, and personalized one-on-one consultations.

Our mission is to elevate financial awareness and promote self-assurance, and confidence in making informed financial decisions of lifetime income, investments, taxes, healthcare, estate, and legacy planning.

We recruit a diverse team of industry experts to volunteer their time and expertise to present financial workshops to companies, churches, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations at no cost. While these workshops are geared towards spreading financial literacy, FEP is also dedicated to identifying and empowering experts in various fields to learn the nonprofit outreach method.

This allows our educators to serve their communities better and expands their practices by shortening the learning curve with access to innumerable resources and knowledge.

By adopting the nonprofit philosophy and implementing it within their practices, the financial wellness volunteers within our network are better equipped to open a sea of doors that were previously closed. We can cultivate lasting trust with the individuals and networks we serve by offering valuable financial information to the public without selling or endorsing specific companies or products.